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Ryan Zurrin

Professional Father & Full Time Student in the Computer Sciences

I'm Berkshire County born and raised, from the wonderful City of Pittsfield Massachusetts where I currently reside and go to school at Berkshire Community College. I will be getting my associates degree at BCC in Computer Science and will then be moving on to get a bachelors, and possibly even a master's degree. I've always loved computers and electronics, and just learning about how things work and function. My curiosity has carried me all over and has granted me the opportunity to try out many things before finally settling with the computer sciences. I originally considered starting school as a fine arts major, mostly because I have previous experience painting and drawing already so it made sense to me to start there. But then, when I got a position as a lab assistant in the Digital Commons (BCC's computer lab), something was rekindled within me. There lay dormant deep in the dust of my memories, a burning ember from my youth. Back then I gamed all the time and even built my first computer system when I was 15 (when 16Mb of Ram was considered VERY fast). As well I remember how much I loved exploring all the files and system configs and setting that made software work, it fascinated me then - and still does to this day.

So, I made the switch from art classes to computer science classes (BIG SWITCH), where I hope to someday become a programmer and software engineer. I am planning on using the skills I obtain to help others build up their own ideas and dreams and I really feel using technology as a medium is the best way to reach the most people and the possibilities are truly endless, especially once you’re able to fuse old ideas with the new technologies. I, like most come from the ground up. I was built on the sweat and tears of my labor and it has carried me here, to this moment, to school. Where I am learning to do new things; like building this web page for instance, and I am learning most importantly that to make the world a better place it takes a true team effort. No one person, no matter how hard they may try, has the answer. But as a team working together, the possible solutions become almost endless. We live in a World that is a fusing of minds and ideas all built up around us, with another whole world of ideas that I can fold up and bring with me anywhere. It is this folded up dimension I am so hungry to learn about. I am looking forward to learning about designing, debugging, and building fast and efficient software and I’d be lying if I didn’t say, I think I may have gotten myself in a little over my head with all this, but I am up to a good challenge and I am ready to give this new life my all, and to do the hard work that is required in building up a good solid foundation from which I hope I can frame the rest of my life around.

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Skills & Experience

I can say i’m quite good at

I have over 15 years of House Painting and General Property Maintenance experience. I've worked for various employers and companies over the years, all of which helped in building my current skillset and experience. This has taught me there is always more than one way to get the same job done. As well, I maintained my own painting business lasting around three years; ‘All About Painting’. An invaluable life experience is what that was. I have done a fair share of plumbing and light carpentry work as well. The one thing I can say I learned from all this; it doesn’t matter what path you decide to take in life, If you are going to succeed and be truly great at what you do, it is going to take a lot of hard work and dedication to achieve. Nothing in life comes easy, nothing….

....and to that; these Skill Bars are a reflection of the hard work I have put into becoming good in certain areas, some better than others, but I will be updating them all to reflect my new skills as I begin to further my education in the computer sciences. As a student about to take my first programmimng classes I feel these bars will be slowly shifting more in favor of the coding and web design. I hope to add more skills to this list as well. So keep checking back! Or if you are an employer looking for a good employee within a certain technology or framework, please send me a message and I am always open to learning new things on the fly or as needed. I truly believe the best way to learn anything in life is by rolling up your sleeves and digging in, whether it be digging in dirt or debugging dirty code, the only way to learn is to do. So let's do!

To note, the skill bar percentages are just picked based on how I feel I perform in these areas and are not decided based on any real scientific or substantial method that would validate their accuracy. It is meant more as a rough gauge of my skills based on my intuition about these subjects and not meant to be an absolute fact. I don't want anyone mislead.

House Painting / Maintaince
Drawing / Painting
WordPress / CMS


Excel / Sheets

PowerPoint / Slides

Word / Docs / Forms

Living & Learning

Work Experience

My previous associations

June, 2020

Freelance Web developer and designer

HighREZ Design Studioz, Owner

Building Buiness and event webpages. Helping customers starting with a free consultation and then taking them through every step as we put together requirements that bring to life the vision's and ideas that make them unique and different. Using this as a launchpad we build up a brand on thier new site using cutting edge frameworks and lightening fast CMS platforms I am able to achieve quick and responsive results in less time and money than it may take from a bigger less personal Web page marketing company. Using this and the new skills I've recently learned in school I decided to build a buisness model that was both doable and something I feel is greatly in demand. With this I welcome you to my new business landing page HighREZ Design Studioz.

January 2018

Work Study

IT Department, Computer Lab Assistant

Working around computers and helping fix problems, with computers... talk about a dream job! These are both great steppingstones and a true blessing and I was lucky to get in with the Lab and IT department at BCC. Being involved in the behind the scenes action has been a very enlightening experience. We have responsibilities such as imaging new computers, setting up and doing any deployments of machines, helping fix slow or not working machines and making sure the computers are in smooth and efficient running order; these are our basic tasks. Other tasks include naming and adding computers to the domain as well getting the default printers set and all the proper software being used installed and registered. In the Lab we made sure anyone needing any kind of help, such as logging into accounts getting pdfs to print or setting the printer up to print a certain way. Just basic stuff to help out and keep things running smoothly.

August, 2017

House Painting and Maintenance


Most of my early adult hood and late teens was spent doing work that required a bit of physical dexterity. Everything from cleaning and installing big oil furnaces to weeding gardens, if there was something that needed a fixing or required attention then I was there doing the job. I loved the fact that I could get payed to help people do the things That I loved doing. This was especially true of house painting. I painted houses more than anything else, even starting my own business for a short few years. As well during the winter months when the painting got slow, I was able to get work for a master plumber where we would winterize homes and install gas furnaces and rough in new plumbing that would be needed. Everything from measuring out the pipe and cleaning and fluxing for solder to testing the whole plumbing and heating systems. It was all great experience and was really preparing me for a strong discipline within an academic setting.

January, 1996
June, 2001

Entry Level Jobs

Cashier / Stocker / Customer Service / Food Service / Tree Service

During the early days I started out working just like anybody really. I Had a couple jobs at the local mall where I was able to start gaining experience in various work-related tasks and more importantly, I was able to gain experience in interacting with people. I worked at hotdog stands and retail stores as well as supermarkets and hardware stores. My early experience was all over and I am very grateful for it now, looking back at the lessons in retrospect everything that’s ever happened to me has brought me to now, a place where I can start working towards a greater good that helps humanity as a whole.

Education & Achievements

My life's greatest accomplishments outside of being a Dad.

January, 2018
Projected Graduation: fall 2021

Computer Information Systems

Associates in Computer Science

Having chosen the Computer Science option in the CIS degree program I have gained a much deeper and broader understanding of the way computer systems work and function. There was heavy emphasis on mathematics and the curriculum was designed to prepare students to move on to a baccalaureate institution for further study. Being in the beginning classes I still have a lot of classes to go before I am able to graduate. The plan is a 2021 graduation and I will be applying to transfer to another institution very soon.

Inducted on:
April, 2019

Phi Theta Kappa

Xi Alpha - Berkshire County Chapter

Due to my outstanding grades and my dedicated pursuit for a higher education, I was invited to join the PTK which is the 'International Honor society of American Community and Junior Colleges.' You are expected to uphold a high standard for yourself and to keep your grades and your GPA up. I am presently being recruited to take on more leadership rolls within the chapter. Becoming a Phi Theta Kappa member has really shown be that I am far more capable then I ever realized. To be 100% honest, I truly surprise myself with the things I am currently achieving and I am beyond humbled and grateful and my new found recognitions.


I am now the VP of Communications for the Xi Alpha chapter at BCC!

Current GPA: 3.711 [-.007]
STEM - Fall 2018
TRIo - Summer 2018

STEM Starter Academy / TRIo Program / Robotics Club

College Support Groups and Extracurricular Activities

Being actively involved with programs and activities that are there on campus is a good way to build up interpersonal skills and relationships. Having access to information, resources and to members in the technology fields is very helpful when learning about new and exciting things. I've been very lucky to be able to have so many great people supporting me and my continued education. Being a non-traditional student has made it a bit difficult at times when it comes to learning new complex ideas and just having a place to turn to get the help needed has been a key component in my successful restructuring.


Things I have made throughout my life

Personal Journal

The Log Book to my Life

Date Title Topic
8/4/20 C++ II Programs, classes C++ Programs
7/13/20 Berkshire Builders 623 Web Page
7/2/20 Google Sheets, Team Tally Sheet Previous work
6/22/20 Addressing the Times Current Events
12/25/19 Simple C++ Programs C++ Programs
12/18/19 Coffee/Cocoa Vending Machine Circuit design School Project
8/14/19 Accountability Self Help
6/1/19 Feeling Like a Fake Mental Health
5/12/19 Understanding On a Deeper Level Education
5/11/19 The Whole Design Phase Write Up Web Design

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West Street Pittsfield, MA 01201.

In future updates to this page I will be working on using google map api's to hopefully bring you that information automatically.

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