Digital Journal Entry

by Ryan Zurrin

C++ 1 programs

simple console apps

WARNING: the exe files which I have included are executable programs of the source code files and will most likely cause your antivirus software to flag it requiring you to further trust the download before it will complete. I recommend never trusting anything or anyone when it comes to computer safety online, but I assure you my code is safe for execution.

I have also included the source code for each program which can be copied to your favorite IDE for compilation and running in your preferred c++ environment.

Links to source code:

Attention: This code is known to professors and any attempts to copy as your own will result in plagiarism

Averages the test scores for a group of five scores dropping the lowest of the scores.

Average Score Source

Average Score exe

This program needs a file with populations saved each on a separate line for each sample period. I have included a sample file named pop.txt for you to DL or view.

City Populations Source

City Populations exe

Has the user enter two primary colors and displays the new mixed color

Primary Color Mixer Source

Primary Color Mixer exe

Calculates the distance a user has traveled relative to the speed and time they input

Distance Traveled Source

Distance Traveled exe

Allows the user to enter a series of numbers and returns the minimum and maximum of that series. *(-99 = escape sequence)

Greatest and Least Source

Greatest and Least exe

Converts Hex to Integer or Integer to Hex, menu based

Hex / Integer Converter Source

Hex / Integer Converter exe

Asks the user to enter a date and if the month multiplied by the day is equal to the year then the date is a magical date

Magic Day Source

Magic Day exe

Calculates the cost of different cellular data plans for the customer

Mobile Plan Builder source

Mobile Plan Builder exe

tells the user if the number they entered is prime or not

isPrime Source

isPrime exe

Fills an array size 50 with random numbers and displays the number frequency of the weighted digits between 1 and 20.

WARNING: Top line is the original unsorted array and each line after is it showing the steps it has taken to sort the array.

Random Array Filler Source

Random Array Filler exe

This program asks the user for the weight of a package to be delivered and how far it needs to be shipped as well and then calculates the total shipping cost.

Shipping Charges Source

Shipping Charges exe

Reads test scores from a file and displays the number of student scores that falls between certain ranges. I have included a sample file named scores.dat for you to DL or view.

Student Scores Source

Student Scores exe

Thirteen Marbles Game

Thirteen Marbles Source

Thirteen Marbles exe

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