Digital Journal Entry

by Ryan Zurrin

C++ 2 programs, OOP with classes and objects

WARNING: the exe files which I have included are executable programs of the source code files and will most likely cause your antivirus software to flag it requiring you to further trust the download before it will complete. I recommend never trusting anything or anyone when it comes to computer safety online, but I assure you my code is safe for execution.

I have also included the source code for the header(.h) files, the implementation cpp(.cpp) files, and a sample driver file(.cpp) for each program. These can each be copied to your own IDE where you can then rebuild the projects on your own computers from source.

Links to source code:

Design a class that will convert hours to work days.

numDays header file

numDays cpp file

numDaysdriver program

numDays exe

Build a modular inventory class to hold information and to calculate data for items in a retail store's inventory.

inventoryClass header file

inventoryClass cpp file

inventoryClass driver program

inventoryClass exe

A program that reads in soccer player and score data from a file. used to gain a deeper understanding of, and to get practice using Structures as an intro to ADTs.

soccerScores cpp file

soccerScores data file

soccerScores exe file

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