Digital Journal Entry

by Ryan Zurrin

Addressing The Times

Just a quick note on current events in the world


Just Updating, it has been a challenging 2020. With the onset of this global pandemic there has been a shift in many things which requires an adjusting period to what is being called the new normal. I don’t think wearing a mask and not being able to feel safe out with others will ever be considered ‘normal’ to me, but I am a survivor and fighter to the bitter ends and just like you and everyone else that is human or animal, we are built to adapt and change, and that is what I shall do, what we all shall do. But this normal, never.

And then if a pandemic is not enough, we have police brutality and racial issues once again raising to a boiling point. I find it hard to believe there could still be such hatred and singling out of a group in this country, but we see it time and time again. People of minority being targeted or treated more violently against and its just sad. It Makes me so disgusted and angry, the way I see some of these people acting and behaving. Form police brutality to sexual harassment in many industries, power hungry and mean men finally being exposed for what they are, it is a disgrace and I do not know what else to say about it. With all this going on, its really made it hard for me to focus on making much content for here. But I felt I at least needed to add a comment on all that is happening. If nothing else, it will be a reminder to me.

Not that these are the things I want to be remembering, it’s crazy to think that the world is so divided right now and amidst all this so many of us find a way to continue through it. I feel its necessary to shine a light on these things and to do our own part in spreading this awareness and to just be a good human in general is good practice. That is what the world needs, more good humans. More people that are willing to put themselves in the dirt and mud to just to give those around them a clean path forward.

Now a few words I suppose on the things I would like to remember, If I may, respectably of course:

Anyone reading this or viewing this website probably gathers that I am a computer science student and I have shifted to this field after many years of working and trying different things that did not really work.

I finally found school and realized this is where I belong, and realizing this was a huge step for me. I am a hands-on learner that needs the constant interaction and the accountability that is built into the academic setting. Therefore, I excel in this setting and it was exactly what I needed to turn my life around and move in a new direction.

But now in the age of the corona virus, as most know, things are shifting to a more remote learning style where we learn from our own homes via zoom meetings and assignments that are still given over these online learning platforms like ‘Moodle.’ This does still work, better for some than for others but for myself I have found it particularly difficult. For a couple reasons.

One, I do not learn as well this way.

Two, since all this began, I have taken on the full-time caregiving of my 7-year-old and all his classes went to remote learning as well. I went from having weekend responsibility, to full time daddy duty and now have the added responsibility of making sure he is doing his schoolwork as well. So, this has really slowed down my pace a bit but it definitely has not stopped me.

Another thing I learned; you cannot really skip meals when you have a 7-year-old all day. When it was just me, I would make a smoothie and be fine until dinner but come to find out that will not fly with a kid home full time. So, I am either preparing meals, making sure house is clean, keeping kids on track or working. Now I need to find a way to fit a full-time school schedule into all that as well. I figure many before me have succeeded at even more difficult challenges so I should just brace my self for impact and know it is going to hurt, but it can be done and will be done.

I suppose this here is just my rant and rave to the universe and to anyone else who happens along. I have not had time to update my site with much lately and I felt like I at least needed to say something here. I feel as though this is my digital facet, and it needs to be cared about and groomed just like I do.

I need to keep this site looking nice, maybe add some new projects to the pictures or things like that. I feel like I’ve been neglectful of this aspect of me, but you know what, things happen and life sweeps you up into the mix of it all and sometimes that mix don’t include updating a webpage. But I suppose maybe in the future it should. I will at least try to get some of my c++ 2 projects and programs up like I did for the first semester of programs.

And one last thing, my prayers and thoughts are with the suffering family’s that get targeted for nothing more than being born whom they were born. It is hard for me to imagine even what one goes through and I don’t even pretend to, but I just wish I could do more to help and to support them in these times. I really have faith the change that is needed is right on the horizon.

Let us ask the Great Unifier and Maker of all things, the Universal One that is all and is nothing, the void and the complete, please in the name of all that is holy and just in the laws of the universe, let the balancing act of humanity begin once and for all, let there be justice and peace for all who are born and not just the privileged few, let there be light shed on all the dark corners of the universe and may the demons be driven from their hiding places, that this world can once again be a place of wonder and peace and a place to be proud to call a home. This is All of our homes, it is just one home, Earth, and we just one life, called living so let us all live-in love and harmony together. No more hatred no more wars. Just the law of the land, Love thy neighbor as thyself.


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