Digital Journal Entry

by Ryan Zurrin

Data Structures and Abstract Data Types

Implementation details and driver code is all found within their github repositories. I have included links to each repo which has the source files to the header files as well as driver test cpp files and any related and necessary files needed to run these programs. These projects were built using VS2019 and then made to run within Dev c++ set on the oldest compiler settings so this code should run on almost any compiler and machine if implemented using each file I provide.

Links to GitHub Repositories

Pascals Triangle Class

Pascals Triangle repo

Palindrome Tester program

Palindrome tester repo

Queens Eight solver, but will solve any NxN size board if specified

Queens NxN solver repo

Sorted and Unsorted Linked List Classes and data loader program

Linked Lists repo

Doubly Linked list Class and Inventory control Program

DLL program repo

Stack Class and PEZ Despenser Simulator program

Stack program repo

Queue Class and Grocery Store Simulator program

Queue program repo

Binary Tree Class and test proj7 test program

Binary Tree program repo

Final Project - Card Game program

Card game program repo

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