Digital Journal Entry

by Ryan Zurrin

Java I, Java II, using Data Structures and Algorithms

Implementation details and driver code is all found within their github repositories. I have included links to each repo which has the source files and and any related files needed to run these programs. These projects were built using VS2019 and then made to run within NetBeans IDE 8.2 and then set to run with textpad 8, so this code should run on almost any machine if implemented using the provided files as long as you have a java runtime enviroment setup.

Links to GitHub Repositories

Java I Program repository

All Java I programs

Color Chooser Application using JavaFX

Color Changer App repo

Text Analysis Program using menu system

Text Analysis repo

Phone number word generator

Phone number to word generator repo

Prime Numbers and Prime Factors

Prime number factorizer repo

Maze solver using recursive backtracking

Maze Solver repo

Quicksort Algorithm Implementation

Quicksort algorithm repo

Postfix and Infix expression evaluation program

Postfix and Infix repo

Final Project - Block Breaker Game using java swing components

Block Breaker Game repo

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